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Things to Help You Succeed and Be Comfortable

  • Feeding devices for premies and infants with suck/swallow problems
  • Strategies for babies who are reluctant to breastfeed Phototherapt at home for jaundiced babies, with doctor's order
  • Hospital-grade rental infant scales to check your baby's weight
  • Reference materials to help find answers to problems
  • Dr. Hale's book Medications in Mother's Milk to help you make decisions about medications you may need while you are breastfeeding
  • MEDELA breastpumps to rent or purchase
  • Breastpump kits and individual replacement parts
  • MEDELA breastmilk storage and feeding sets
  • MEDELA breastcare products
  • Custom fitted MEDELA nursing bras and camisoles
  • Kozy Kuzhion nursing pillows
  • Zolowear Ring Slings and Baby Carry Pouches
  • L'oved Baby nursing shawls

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